Allowed HTML Tags

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The following HTML Tags and Attributes are permitted when using the text editing fields found on the OC NA site.

HTML Tags:

a, b, i, p, q, s, u, br, dd, dl, dt, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, li, td, th, tr, tt, ol, ul, big, bdo, col, dfn, del, dir, div, ins, img, kbd, map, pre, sub, sup, var, abbr, area, cite, code, font, marquee, menu, samp, span, small, thead, tfoot, tbody, table, strong, center, strike, acronym, address, caption, isindex, colgroup, fieldset

HTML Attributes:

id, src, alt, dir, rel, rev, abbr, axis, char, cite, face, href, lang, name, size, span, type, align, class, clear, color, frame, ismap, rules, scope, shape, start, style, title, value, width, border, coords, height, hspace, nowrap, nohref, target, usemap, vspace, valign, bgcolor, charoff, charset, colspan, compact, headers, noshade, rowspan, summary, longdesc, hreflang, datetime, tabindex, accesskey, background, cellspacing, cellpadding

All other tags and attributes are filtered out.