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While we realize this practice is controversial, the OC Team's stance is that you hid the cache, you developed the cache listing, you perform the cache maintenance, so the cache belongs to you. You are free to list it on any site you deem appropriate.

The site Administrator expressed the OC policy for cross-listing caches as follows:

"Ideally, we would like all of our caches to be unique to this site. If you place a new cache, we'd hope that you would only list it here. If you have an existing cache listed on another site, we would like it if you moved it to this site. That would all take place in a perfect world, and we all know the world isn't perfect. The cache data belongs to you, the cache owner. You are free to list it anywhere you want and our goal is to offer a place where you WANT your cache to be listed. We want this site to be the "go to" place for cache data that is not outdated, orphaned or otherwise unsuitable."[1]