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As of 2019, the Letterbox cache type has been retired as a dedicated cache type. Existing Letterbox caches were automatically converted to the Other cache type Unknown.png and a new Letterbox attribute Letterbox.png has been applied to all existing Letterbox caches. The cache owners or OCNA admin may change the cache types on any of the former Letterbox caches according to the manner in which the cache can be found (as outlined below)

Letterbox caches are geocaches that contain a stamp. Similar to true letterboxes, the stamp must stay with the cache - it is not a item for trading. Like any other physical cache, the only requirement for finding a Letterbox Cache is to sign the logbook (also be sure to note the Logging Password if there is one). However, it is recommended that geocachers should bring a book, signature stamp, and an ink pad if they wish to collect a stamped image of the Letterbox stamp, and to "stamp in" to the cache.

The hobby of letterboxing dates back over 100 years - long before the GPS! To find letterboxes, letterboxer used clues and riddles. That tradition continues today, with clues ranging from a straightforward set of directions, to complicated puzzles and ciphers.

For Letterbox cache, we invite geocachers to be creative. Below are just some of the possibilities for setting up a Letterbox cache (along with our suggestions for what cache type is most appropriate to select)

  • the Letterbox could simply by hidden at the posted coordinated. Use the Traditional Cache type Traditional.png
  • the Letterbox could be found by projecting a waypoint. Use the Multi Cache type Multi.png or Other Cache type Unknown.png
  • the Letterbox could be found by following a set of clues. Use the Other Cache type Unknown.png
  • the Letterbox could be found after solving a puzzle or riddle or decoding a cipher. Use the Puzzle Cache type Quiz.png

No matter what cache type you select, please be sure to add the Letterbox attribute Letterbox.png to your cache listing.

To search for Letterbox caches on the website, select the Letterbox attribute Letterbox.png. You can also limit the search to a specific cache type depending on the style of letterbox you wish to find.

For more details about letterboxing and letterbox caches see: