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Recommendations are given to a cache other than your own that you feel is worthy of your endorsement. You earn just 1 recommendation for every 10 Finds thus your recommendation is very valuable and not to be given lightly. Essentially, it is an honor if your cache receives a recommendation. Recommendations are separate from ratings as anyone who finds a cache may rate it. Ratings and recommendations encourage users to place quality caches and to maintain them. This is a major step in making sure our cache listings are imaginative, well maintained caches.

To Recommend a Cache

  1. Locate and select the cache you want to recommend.
  2. At the top of the cache listing, click the New Log Entry tab.
  3. Select the Type of Log you wish to create.
  4. If you have an unused Recommendation, you will be given the option to use it here.
  5. Rate the cache based on your personal opinion.
  6. Enter your comments about the cache.
  7. Click the Submit Log Entry button.