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This is a draft

1. Regulations

1.1 This document sets the conditions of use of "Opencaching US" - a voluntarily operated Internet geocaching service available at http://www.opencaching.us/ (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). Each person registering an account (hereinafter called a "User") agrees to observe the rules of these terms and conditions, starting from the beginning of the registration procedure.

1.2 The regulations enter into force on November 1, 2008 and are effective from that date for all Users of the Service. The regulations can be changed in accordance with the "Rules for the operation of the Service OC PL."

1.3 Throughout this document, a Geocache is understood as any geocache registered with the Service.

1.4 The Service operates in the United States and is subject to US law. Nullity of any record of its Rules of Procedure does not limit its validity in other parts. In matters not governed by the Rules of Procedure, the provisions of US Civil Code prevail.

2. OC Team

2.1 The observance of the rules of and the service support is monitored and supervised by a group of volunteer supporters, hereinafter referred to as OC Team. OC Team is not responsible for the content posted by users on the Site or for damages resulting from the use of information from the Service. Any information obtained or derived from the Service shall be used at your own risk of their use. In particular, the OC team does not guarantee that the search boxes is secure, nor that it does not infringe the law. You must always check and evaluate the information before the start of the search. Any content published on our site are informational only and are not binding in this regard.

2.2 Team OC keeps compliance with the Rules of Procedure, made its binding interpretation and resolve any disputes, and its provisions are final. In order to enforce compliance, Team OC may, in particular, to exclude you from the statistics service, you limit the powers of the Site, you delete the entries (in particular all), block the user's account (temporarily or definitively), suspend or archive boxes (in particular all) of you.

2.3 inbox provision violates the Rules of Procedure may be suspended or archived by the OC Team. Moreover, in order to ensure a smooth and safe operation of the Service, in the absence of contact with the founder, in appropriate cases, OC team has the right to suspend or archive any gearbox, to change its coordinates, attributes, or enter complete its description in a special box on the the boxes on our site.

3. Users

3.1 Registering an account with the Service, a User agrees to comply with these Regulations. Minors or those not having full capacity to act may use the Service only with the consent of and under the supervision of parents or legal guardians, who bear full responsibility for any damages arising from these acts or omissions.

3.2 The Users are using the Service, taking part in the game, and hide and seek geocaches entirely at their own risk and responsibility. In particular, each User bears the full civil and legal responsibility for any harm done to their direct and indirect damages (including harm done to himself, others and damage to property). OC team does not bear any responsibility for any damage arising directly or indirectly from the activities visitors.

3.3 to the Site User registration is required, the active email address, which will be used to communicate with you. You agree to keep your e-mail address given during registration, read and reply to e-mails from Team OC, and in the event of a change of address, immediately made his updates on our site.

3.4 You must ensure that published by him in the Site content must not affect the existing law and the provisions of these Regulations. In particular, the content published by you may not violate the copyright of third parties. All content (including descriptions of the boxes, illustrations and all their entries in the logs) are made available by publishing them on our site users licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA version 2.5, whose complete content is available online at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/pl/legalcode. Public domain content is also admitted. The user is responsible directly to the copyright holder for any violations in this area associated with him published by the content on our site.

3.5 Published by you on the Site content may not contain expressions vulgar, abusive, as well as illegal content. This applies in particular to the selected user name when registering an account under the name boxes, elements of their names and web log entries in the boxes (the so-called logs).

4. Geocaches

4.1 The person who registered the Cache in the Service, hereinafter called its Founder is responsible for all the contents contained in the Cache's description in the Service. The Founder bears full responsibility for compliance set up their Caches with the law and the Rules of Procedure, as well as for any damages that may arise in connection with its premise. Founder is required to maintain registered its boxes in good condition, and their description on our site in the state up to date.

4.2 When registering a Cache with the Service, its Founder has a duty to put in unencoded description of the full details of any potential dangers that may arise from time to time in searching for, and any information necessary to identify the cases, including information about any query, with the necessary skills and possibly the required specialized hardware. In addition, when determining the type, size and level of difficulty boxes during its registration, Founder is required to comply with the definition of these parameters governing the Site. In the case of mailboxes, which the search may be associated with danger, box must be marked to advise the special attribute.

4.3 The box can not contain explosives, flammable, corrosive or other dangerous objects to znalazców, perishable items (eg food), as well as objects or illegal content. In the journal paper boxes must be the founder of the Site ID.

4.4 Without authorization, boxes can be established only on publicly accessible areas, such as permanently or temporarily available to the public. Inbox may also be placed inside a publicly accessible building or other object, but in the case other than virtual boxes then it is necessary to obtain the prior written consent of the administrator of that part of a building or facility, which will be hidden. Such consent must involve both the fact of placing boxes and its subsequent exploration by third parties.

4.5 Caches may not be placed in facilities and in areas with forbidden trespassing. This applies in particular to the strict nature reserves. Caches may not be placed in a way that could result in a damage of a historical or architectural monument during the search. In addition, other than virtual caches may not be placed directly in birds nests and tree hollows suitable for habitation by birds, also outside the breeding season, in monuments, and in their protection zones. Caches at the cemeteries, places of worship or martyrdom may not violate the peace of the places. It is strictly forbidden to bury a cache in the immediate vicinity of a tomb.

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