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After registering a new cache you can, through the edit function, add additional points of coordinates (hereinafter referred to waypoints) that can be helpful or even necessary to find the final container. Such a waypoint may also indicate an interesting place in the area not directly connected to the cache.

Types of Additional Waypoints:

Wp parking.png Parking
This type of waypoint coordinates we use to provide a convenient parking place where you can leave your car before the cache search.
Wp trailhead.png Trail Head
This type of waypoint coordinates we use to designate the entrance to a trail used during the cache search.
Wp reference.png Interesting place
This type of waypoint coordinates we use to provide interesting places in the cache area which are not directly related to the cache. This may be e.g. a monument, a vantage point or other interesting place worth visiting.
Wp physical.png Physical Point
This type of waypoint using the coordinates of an intermediate phase of a multi-cache Its coordinates can be hidden if required.
Wp virtual.png Virtual Point
This type of waypoint coordinates we use for the administration in which there is a virtual stage where a multi-cache searcher can obtain the necessary information to solve a task or puzzle. In the given places as opposed to "physical Point" prospector finds a permanent terrain features such as plaques on monuments, information boards, signboards and inscriptions on the labels of old plumbing systems, or distinctive architectural features of the object that should count. Its coordinates can be hidden in such a situation where it is necessary to visit earlier stages.
Wp final.png Endpoint
This type of waypoint can be used to provide coordinates in which there is a final stage of a multi-cache. This is a physical box, and this is a mandatory waypoint in the multi caches. Its coordinates in most cases, are hidden.

Use of Additional Waypoints

  • Adding a new waypoint for the cache, select the type (according to the above table).
  • If the waypoints are the next stages of our cache, they should be numbered eg 1, 2, etc. If the selected waypoint is not considered a stage as the stage number type value 0.
  • Then enter waypoint coordinates. These coordinates can be hidden in the list of waypoints in the cache page when you choose the appropriate status of the waypoint.
  • Waypoint description (300 characters).
  • The final element to determine the status of waypoint:
    • Show all information including the waypoint coordinates- we use to designate parking places, places of interest as well (for some caches and quiz multicache) physical and virtual points in the searching box will be able to gather the information necessary to find the final cache.
    • Show all information except waypoint coordinates- we use it to indicate how many steps comprises a Multicache or quiz without revealing the location of the stages.
    • Hide this waypoint in the waypoint list boxes- choose this to indicate the final location of the cache. We can also use it for their own notes of that cache will be seen only by the cache owner while editing that cache.

If additional waypoints are defined for the cache and have explicit coordinates, and are visible, they will be attached to the end of the cache's GPX and you can load them into GPS's.