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The rating selection is made at the time of posting a Log Entry at cache's listing on Opencaching North America.


The finder of a cache can rate its quality on a scale from 1 to 5 using the following one of the following adjectives:

  1. Poor - In a bad hiding spot, bad container, not well maintained. A waste of time coming here.
  2. Mediocre - I've seen worse but this was worth finding so I could up my Found count.
  3. Average - Not great and not bad. Just your average cache.
  4. Good - Unique hiding place and/or container. Was fun to find. Kudos to the hider!
  5. Excellent - Awesome hiding place, awesome container, this cache sets the standard!
  • Use Report Problem if the cache is missing, in an unsafe location and does not include the Dangerous attribute, has inappropriate contents or needs to be archived!


  • Only caches rated at least three times have their average ratings presented in their description pages as well as in the map of the caches. Individual ratings received by a cache are never shown.
  • While the rating system is primarily intended to assist the geocachers in selecting the caches to hunt, hopefully in the long term it will also positively influence the average quality of the caches listed here.
  • It has to be stressed that for those caches rated only a few times, the presented average rating should be approached with caution. It is believed that the published average ratings will become more meaningful only for ten or more evaluations of a geocache. Therefore, it is expected that the assessment system will reach its expected functionality approximately 1 year after its introduction, and for some caches even later.
  • Until then, we encourage you to responsibly evaluate the caches you find. Remember that the single value is used to assess all the different aspects of the cache quality. Please try to evaluate the caches objectively and always remember that we assess specific caches, and never their owners.