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Trackables (GeoKrets on OC) are items placed in geocache containers that are to be moved from cache to cache with their movement logged online. The most common term is Travel Bug (TM). A Travel Bug is a registered trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. used to describe a dog tag used in Geocaching. Here at OC, we don't feel a dog tag is necessary.

You can use any item you wish as a trackable as long as it has a unique number or number/letter combination. You can simply engrave the number on the item yourself or you may purchase pre-made trackables online. You can use Travel Bugs(TM) as well but we ask that you do not take a trackable from one site and place it in the other unless the cache is cross-listed. If you do move a trackable from one site to the other, you must log it at both sites so the owner can keep up with it.

What the heck is a GeoKret?

GeoKret means "Geo Mole" in Polish. GeoKret is singular, GeoKrety is plural (but I still refer to them as GeoKrets). The tracking web site for GeoKrets is Accounts are free on the site, however an account is not needed to log trackables in and out. To use the site, just provide a trackable item and tag it with the site URL and a tracking code.

To Grab, Hide, See or Dip a GeoKret

  1. Visit and click Log a GeoKret.
  2. Choose whether you Grabbed, Dropped, Met or Dipped a GeoKret (See Descriptions).
  3. Enter in the tracking number from the GeoKret itself.
  4. Enter the waypoint where the GeoKret is now. This is the cache ID, such as OU016F, GC0000.
  5. Enter your name, the date and a comment about the movement.
  6. Click the Go! button.